Jun 17, 2007

Clippard demoted to Triple-A

And Kevin Thompson was recalled.

I again didn't get to see yesterday's game (due to FOX's Saturday exclusive rights bullshit), but thank god the Yanks won. Friday was a tough loss and despite T-Clip's poor outing, the hitters jumped all over Tom Glavine to give the pitchers a cushion.

- My wife and I attended last night's Trenton Thunder game. The first minor league game of my life. A lot of fun. Very cheap - $10 for the tickets (standing room only - the usher basically told us to take any seat we wanted though), $4.75 for a good beer, $4 for a gigantic soda, and $4.75 for a good cheesesteak. Ian Kennedy pitched and looked dominant save for the second inning when he gave up two runs on three straight hits. He located his fastball well, getting several Ks on it (both looking and swinging), and used a curve to keep hitters off balance. The changeup didn't look too good, and I know the one double he gave up was on the change. He was pulled after five probably due to pitch count. Jeff Kennard relieved him and dominated, pitching three perfect innings. Minor league hitters are far inferior to the major league variety. I can't remember how many times they fished at the high fastball. Major league hitters rarely swing at that, and even when they do, they make contact at a decent rate. Cody Ehlers looked defeated after a hard grounder to second last night. He flipped the bat in front of home plate and stalked back to the dugout after being called out. Perhaps he hears the footsteps of Juan Miranda behind him... Photos from last night coming soon. I expect to be attending several more games this summer.

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