Mar 14, 2007

Arod 2x 2-0

- In Arod's first two at-bats of tonights game, he was ahead 2-0 with RISP, and both times failed to produce. Who was pitching? Carlos Silva, of the 5.94 era, and 246 hits in 180 ip last year.
All the starters who had two abs to that point had reached base at least once (except Arod). Ab 1: Jeter on 3rd, 2 outs, 2-0 count, Arod gets jammed on an inside fastball and lines softly to SS; Ab 2: Giambi on 2nd, 1 out, 2-0 count, Arod pops up a stomach-high fastball. Nevermind that Arod was late twice on fastballs, but they were Carlos Silva fastballs (91 MPH), on 2-0 counts! No one else looked even close to that bad in their at-bats. I can't stand watching a guy with his talent fail so miserably in (what should be) fairly easy RBI situations. If I was an opposing pitcher, I'd never be afraid to throw Arod a fastball, even a mediocre one (in location and velocity). It's still March... it's still March...

- Jeff Karstens looked downright dominant in four innings tonight. He struck out four and allowed one baserunner (a single on a high changeup) on just 41 pitches! His fastball reached 91 MPH, his curve was dropping off the table, and his change (his best pitch) had fantastic deception, not to mention he threw all his pitches with phenomenal command. He should seriously be considered for the 4th or 5th spot in the rotation (assuming he pitches at least average the rest of March, and Pavano and Igawa aren't dominant).

- Chase Wright looked very good in two hitless innings. His minor league stats overall aren't great, but he has improved every single year. 2006 in high A Tampa, he dominated: 119.2 ip, 1.88 era, 100 k, 43 bb, 1 HR. He has strange splits: he strikes out LHB far more often than RHB, but his OPSa LHB is 80 points higher than against RHB. The downside is that he's 24 years old, so if he's going to make the big league team, he'll have to move quickly. I see him hitting the majors in 2008 as a lefty specialist.

Yanks win, 4-1

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