Mar 9, 2007

Jints trade Carter for Droughns

The Giants today added talent and experience to their offensive backfield by acquiring running back Reuben Droughns from the Cleveland Browns in exchange for [underachieving] wide receiver Tim Carter...
And so ends the great Tim Carter experiment. Good riddance. He was a 2nd round pick in 2002, and caught all of 72 passes in 53 games with 3 TDs. Apparently Cleveland thinks it can get Carter to reach his potential, but I just don't see how. In 5 injury-plagued seasons in New York, he averaged just 11 games and 14 catches a year.

Droughns averages 3.9 yards a carry, and 8.1 yards a catch. He has had more than 25 catches each of the last 3 seasons. And despite just 758 rushing yards last year, totalled more than 1200 each of the previous 2 years.

I like the move - mostly because it's addition by subtraction. Drafting a running back is no longer a priority (but I still wouldn't mind nabbing Marshawn Lynch or Antonio Pittman). But the need to go RB in round 1 or 2 isn't there. It frees up the Jints to take the best player available, regardless of position.


Clint said...

I'm hoping for a big year out of Eli in 2007. I don't know if droughns will help much, he's too similar to Jacobs (only older and no as much motivation to run hard). I would have liked more of a scat back. My in-laws have season tickets to the G-men. I usually catch a game a year, so I've adopted them as my second team.

Travis G. said...

Yeah, i think this is the make or break year for Eli. He's going into his 4th season, has plenty of solid receivers, but has now lost his most effective asset, Tiki. Unless that Giants take a RB in rd. 1, Eli will carry more of the burden this year than he ever has.

getting a 'scat-back' would be ideal to complement Big J, but Droughns is a solid backup. i still think they'll grab another RB in the draft.

Clint said...

I'm pretty worried about the O-line. Letting Petigout go wasn't smart.

Travis G. said...

Reese is truly making the team his own in a very short time. this cut surprised me the most bc Petitgout was the key to the o-line. the turning point of the season (i feel) was when he went down in the Chicago game. we really got to see how important he was (or perhaps how utterly bad Whitfield was). i thought Petitgout was an injury prone guy, but surpsisingly, he played in less than 10 games just once in his career (last year). but i do remember frequent times during those games when he took plays off due to his back.

this move tells me a couple things: the Jints have confidence in OT Guy Whimper, who they drafted in the 4th rd. last year; and they're going to take an OL on day 1 this draft.

i'm going to give Reese leeway this season bc it's his first on the job. i love the trade of carter and the cutting of emmons, but not necessarily the cutting of Arrington & Petitgout.