Oct 8, 2007

That's why he's called Phil Franchise

Although I personally prefer Phil Phranchise. He saved the game and season tonight (for at least another 24 hours). Clemens failed to get through three (with a bad hammy) so on came Phil who shut down Cleveland's offense for 3.2 innings. How ironic that the guy that nicknamed 'Little Rocket' picked up the 'Big Rocket' in possibly his last game ever? He became the youngest pitcher to ever win a playoff game for the Yankees.

Arod had his first hit(s) of the postseason, as did Posada and Matsui, but the big blow came off the bat of Johnny Damon who delivered a 3-run HR that gave the Yanks a 5-3 lead. Later on Robbie Cano ripped a bases loaded single to right that Trot Nixon misplayed into a bases-clearing triple. That pretty much sealed the win.

I didn't get to see much of Friday night's bug fest (I was out of town) - but I know Melky was the entire Yankee offense and even threw out a runner at home; and as the Yanks were clinging to a 1-0 lead, bugs descended into Jacobs Field causing Joba to uncork two wild pitches that allowed Cleveland to tie the game. In the 11th, Vizcaino sucked and Hafner ripped a 2-out bases loaded single to win the game...

Anyway, now that this is a series (literally, every other LDS ended in a sweep), the Yanks get to face Paul Byrd tomorrow who was shelled in his last start against us.
Wang will start on three days of rest (good for a sinkerballer) at home with Mussina waiting in the wings, so this game looks to be in our favor. A win tomorrow means Pettitte in Game 5 in Cleveland...

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