Oct 15, 2007

Trades on the horizon...

In a recent interview with Scout.com, Nardi Contreras, the Yanks Minor League Pitching Coordinator, cited in veiled terms several times that the system has too much pitching depth, preventing deserving pitchers from being promoted to higher leagues. Considering how influential Nardi is within the organization (he developed the 'Joba Rules'), and assuming the former (that he feels some pitchers are stagnating), it seems likely that B-Cash will make trades this off-season using the Yanks enormous pitching depth to acquire players of greater need. Who might that be? Well, it depends mostly on who (if any) of the big four re-sign(s): Pettitte, Mo, Posada and Arod. That encompasses four extremely important positions: a good starting pitcher who gave 200+ innings, a great closer, a great catcher and the best third-baseman (if not player) in the game.

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