Aug 16, 2006

Questec & umpires

I've thought about this topic for a long time. I think Questec is a good thing. (For those who dont know, it's a computerized system that measures ball & strikes, and compares it to what the umpire actually called.)

One of the biggest and most frustrating problems in pro sports are the bad calls by umps/refs. What I'd like to see is the steady removal of 'human errors' from sports; I'll talk specifically about baseball:

When umps are unsure when a ball is fair or foul, why can't a system be installed like they use in pro tennis? They use technology to determine whether balls are that, fair or foul.

Also, on disputed HRs, they must use instant replay. There's no other fair way. An ump should be stationed in the park somewhere near a TV, like in the NHL. He should have the final word, since he'll have the replay.

On balls and strikes, why not use Questec or ESPN's 'K-Zone' to actually call the strikes? The only problem is that strike zone height is different for every hitter, but width is exactly the same, 17 inches. Rickey Henderson had a smaller up/down zone because he was short and crouched, and Richie Sexson's up/down zone is bigger because he's 6'8". But their side-to-side zone is exactly the same. Therefore, computers/technology should be used to tell an umpire when a ball hits the plate or just misses. For the time being, umps will still need to call the up/down pitches (because every hitter is different), but will know for sure when a pitch crosses the corner or not. It also sucks when a pitcher throws a strike, but it's not where he meant to throw it, so the ump automatically calls it a ball. It doesn't matter where the pitcher MEANT to throw the ball, it only matters whether it's a strike or a ball.

For out/safe calls, when the closest ump feels the play is too close to call, he could send it to the 'booth ump.' TV technology is such today that it could be done in 30 seconds.

These steps would help legitimize the officiating, and would make for less arguing from players and managers. You can't argue with Questec strikes, because it's 100% consistent and 0% prejudiced (for star players, or against rookies). Instant replay would also ensure the right call, and isn't that worth waiting 30 seconds for - especially in close and/or playoff games?

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