May 15, 2008

Moose shines

Moose came through again with another stellar outing: 6.1 ip, 1 er. It saved the series and gives the team a chance to once again reach .500. A win today would go a long way toward making the fans and players feel good about the next stretch.

- Hat tip to Pete Abe - Dan McCutchen will be promoted to Triple-A Scranton. The Yanks will have a lot of pitching options in the latter half of the year.


Unknown said...

Steinbrenner's putting the Yankees poor performance so far on Cashman. What about Girardi? Is there anyone to fault in particular?

Travis G. said...

tough to say. the Yanks had a worse start last year (20-29), so was that because of Torre? Or Cash? injuries have seemed to play a big part in slow starts the last few seasons. last year it was the pitchers. this year it's the hitters. they've scored 12 runs in their last 6 games. that's horrible.

if the team had a healthy Arod and Posada, i would wager they'd be at least at .500 right now. Arod's back tonight, but i expect it will take him a few games to get comfortable.