Jul 9, 2008

Anyone still miss Joba in the pen?

Another stellar game from Yankee pitchers as they held Tampa Bay to one run in two games. Sir Sidney worked his magic again, allowing just one run despite nine baserunners. Veras, Farnsy and Mo (for two innings) shut the door as the Yanks finally got that second run in the bottom of the 10th.

The bullpen has a ridiculous .438 OPS against this month (Alberto Gonzalez territory), and it will drop even further after today's game. For comparison, the starters' OPS against is .825 (making ever hitter look like Jorge Posada).

Jose Molina's defense is so good that it's hard to take him out the lineup despite his .229/.268/.318 line. He's gunned down 25 of 52 base-stealers - that's a 48% clip, the best in baseball (for catchers with at least 25 games played).

What was Grant Balfour thinking, throwing a changeup (his 2nd or 3rd best pitch) to Abreu with the winning run on base? His fastball his the upper 90s and no one's been able to touch it recently, yet he pulled a Mark Wohlers and served up the game-winning hit.

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Unknown said...

I could not agree more on your ticket prices, food parking and fan bse at the games. Sitting behind first base, we used to high five and chat up the plays and errors. Now it's not the fans but .....coming to the games.
I may lose my love for the Yanks after all!!!