Apr 17, 2008

Here's wishing Joba replaces Mussina

That's Moose, the 2008 version. You just can't expect much from him, especially against an offense like Boston's. Hindsight is 20/20, so it's easy to say Moose shouldn't have pitched to Manny, but if you do, you're already putting a mediocre (or worse) pitcher at a disadvantage because it puts more runners on base and advances the current baserunners. Anyway, the peps at BPro studied the issue of intentional walks and determined that it's only worth it in very few situations and when the next batter is significantly worse than the current batter. However, it doesn't take into account a hitter's (or pitcher's) recent success or lack thereof.

The first at-bat I was resigned to walking him, especially after the count went 3-1. The second at-bat was just a poor plan by Moose and the coaching staff: they threw Manny four straight outside fastballs, followed by a fifth fastball on the inner half that was golfed into the stands. This ain't Joba we're talking about. Moose just doesn't have a good enough fastball to make a mistake like that (which he did).

It would be fantastic if Joba replaced Moose in the rotation come July (or sooner). Does anyone think he wouldn't do at least as good a job?

I'm predicting a solid game from Phil Hughes tomorrow night, something along the lines of 6 ip, 2 er.

- A scout got a firsthand look at Tampa Yankees Mark Melancon and Ryan Pope and reported everything on his website.

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