Apr 8, 2008

Posada hurt now too

His arm feels 'dead'. Not good. Chad Moeller from Scranton might be called up if/when Posada's placed on the DL.

And it seems Jeter's injury was more serious than previously thought. Alberto Gonzalez was pulled in the 7th inning of tonight's Scranton game and might be replacing Jeter as soon as tomorrow. His defense is exceptional (although he's booted a few easy plays here and there), but his bat is lacking. For a shortstop, defense is of utmost importance and hitting comes second. If he defends as well as he's known to and hits just .250, the team should be fine.

- Not surprisingly, a vast majority of voters (91%) felt the Mets won the Santana trade. Only 7% thought the Twins won the trade and one voter felt it was even.

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