Apr 8, 2008

Yanks win, Jeter hurt

Mike Mussina pitched a stellar game, allowing just two hits and a run in 6 innings. An absolutely fantastic outing from the 5th starter: he mixed in a lot of curves and kept the ball low, resulting in 11 ground outs and four fly outs. The offense finally broke through for six runs, helped along by Bobby Abreu's 3-3 (with a HR and a triple).

The bullpen shut down the Rays: 3 ip, 1 h, 0 r, 1 bb, 2 k. Not just that but look at the strike percentage from the Wild Men (Bruney and Farnsworth): 24 pitches, 19 strikes.

Derek Jeter strained his quad running out a grounder in the 1st. Apparently, he could've remained in the game but was removed as a precaution.

My question for Joe G is: who's starting at 3b tomorrow, Arod, Ensberg or Betemit? I'd go with Betemit, it's his natural position (and they're facing a RHP), as is SS for Arod, simple as that.

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