Jun 12, 2008

Back to .500

This is probably the most frustrating team I've seen in about 15 years. It's like they have some kind of phobia of not being near .500.

What I'm wondering is: what will Cash do if the Yanks are still at .500 at the end of July? There will be roughly 50 games to go, and if the Sawx and Devil Rays continue playing at their current pace, the Yanks will be 11 games back of Boston and eight behind Tampa. Do they think about trading off their veterans to reload for 2009? It will also depend on the Wild Card - but if they're 10+ games back in that race too, I say they do it.

The candidates are as follows:
Mike Mussina
Jason Giambi
Johnny Damon
Hideki Matsui
Bobby Abreu
Andy Pettitte
Latroy Hawkins
Kyle Farnsworth (only player without a no-trade clause)

The biggest problems will be getting these players to waive their no-trade clauses and to convince the target team to take on most or at least some of their contract. The good news is that the aforementioned players (outside of the relievers) are having solid to exceptional seasons, especially Giambi, Damon, Matsui and Mussina.

I do not think Cano, Melky or Wang will be on the trade block even though they would be highly sought after. They're young (all under 30), low-paid and most importantly, average to above players. Cano is the safest, mainly because there's just no one in the minors who could replace him. He's the complete package, unlike other 2b candidates such as Wilson Betemit (decent bat, passable 2b defense) and Alberto Gonzalez (great defense, below average bat). Wang would also be rather safe: he's a proven big league starter, unlike Hughes, Kennedy and Joba, and is still young and cheap (unlike Pettitte and Moose). Melky might feel anxious though - there are two quality centerfielders coming up fast behind him: Brett Gardner and Austin Jackson.

Looking at 2009's free agent class... If the parties are willing (in this case, K-Rod becoming a setup-man), we could have an absolutely sick bullpen next year that might look like this:
and one of Edwar, Ohlie, Alby, Patterson, Veras, Giese and Britton


K.V.C said...

I'll add Melky to the trade block, just because he seems to be backslinding into bad habits. (Bad pitch selection and sliding into first, for gods sake)

I think I'd also listen to Cano trade talk. I just don't know if he is better than Soriano, who was run out of town after a bad playoff series. (And they need to move Jeter to Second, he can't throw all the way to first anymore.)

Travis G. said...

i was just thinking about that. if Cano WAS dealt, the Yanks really have no solid, upper-level 2b prospects, so it would make sense (and hence never happen) to move Jeter to 2b and A-Gon to SS.

bob said...

" we could have an absolutely sick bullpen next year"

Why stop with mo and krod? Why not sign joe nathan for the 7th, and then pick up bobby jenks just for mop up duty?

You're a funny guy.

Travis G. said...

i mentioned KRod for three reasons:
1. he IS a free agent after the season, unlike the guys you mentioned.
2. he's younger than both those guys as well.
3. there've been rumors of the Yankees' desire to get KRod (when he becomes a FA) for a couple years now.
4. and of course, the Yanks have the most money, and a lot 'coming off the books' after the year.

good enough reasoning to be hopeful?