Jun 24, 2008

I stopped watching in the 5th inning

Specifically after Bautista's two-run shot, which made it 5-1 Pittsburgh (it's hard to say 'Pittsburgh' without thinking of a line from Groundhog Day: "I'm not going back to Pittsburgh.") This one ranks up there with the 12-2 Baltimore game.

Above all, it was frustrating watching the Yanks (specifically Jeter) help out the Gorzelanny by swinging when they were ahead in the count, often making outs. In the first, Melky was on first (walked), Jeter was ahead 2-0 and hit into a DP. In the fifth, Arod swung at the first pitch and popped to short-center. Gorzelanny walked five in six innings, but could've easily walked several more; for example, he walked Darrell Rasner (who made his ML debut at the plate) twice.

Justin Christian was called up to replace Billy Traber and made a costly error in the first, indirectly allowing Pittsburgh to score it's second run. He did however go 2-4 on the night with a double.

- Humberto Sanchez finally returned from Tommy John surgery. He pitched .2 innings for the GCL Yankees, allowing a run on a hit batter, a walk and a hit. Dellin Betances also returned from a short injury stint: 2 ip, 3 er.

JB Cox returned to action as well, throwing a perfect inning for Scranton.

- Elsewhere, the Giants' Chris Snee signed a six-year extension that will make one of the five highest paid guards in the league. He deserves it. If you go back and watch any of last year's games, the player Snee is blocking is almost always the farthest from the quarterback and often gets nowhere near him.

(thanks to Pete Abe and Giants 101)

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