Jun 13, 2008

Scraping by

One big hit was enough last night, tonight it was two. When will the offense get on track? It's like they get a few runs and decide, "That's probably enough." Fortunately, it has been because of stellar Yankee pitching: they've allowed just one run in three of their last four games. Tonight it was thanks to Joba, who pitched (by far) the best game of his short career - 6 ip, 1 er, 6 h, 4 bb (two intentional), 2 k. The 'Stros certainly helped out by swinging early and often - he averaged under 15 pitches per inning. He was able to keep the ball down for the most part (9 ground outs, 5 fly outs), even interspersing a few two-seamers (in the low 90s). For those wondering about his velocity, his last two pitches of the night registered 96 and 97 respectively mph... not bad I'd say.

How nasty was Jose Veras? Wow! And leave it to Kyle 'The Heart Attack' Farnsworth to hit the first batter of the 9th inning (he was closing because Mo's pitched five times in the past week). Houston again helped out by having Ty Wigginton (of all people) attempt to steal second where he was gunned down by Jose Molina.

- Meanwhile, the international free agent signing period begins on July 2, so here's a summary of the top talent.

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