Jan 24, 2007

Cox's hand is broken

The reason J. Brent Cox won't be joining the Yankees at spring training was not known until today. His hand is broken. He was rated our 8th best prospect by BA and TPA. Fortunately, Rotoworld says he'll be ready for the start of the minor league season, and that he'll make his ML debut this season (assuming he recovers well, and is pitching in AAA). He has a chance to be an excellent ML reliever, if not closer. He has an excellent HR rate, decent K/BB, good WHIP, and fair K/9. Click his name for details.

A decent USA Today article summing up the Yanks off-season. But they made (at least) one mistake: Philip Hughes will turn 21 in June, not 22.

A video interview (dated Jan. 24) with one Mr. Hughes... and some other guys, but they're not important. ;)

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