Jan 25, 2007


Tidbits from Cash Money.

- Miguel Cairo was officially signed today and added to the roster. No word on who is being bumped off the 40-man yet.
Yay! I can't contain my excitement...
- Humberto Sanchez, contrary to popular belief, is being groomed as a starter and is targeted for the Scranton rotation.
Good. He can build up arm strength and work on a variety of pitches now.
- J.B. Cox fractured a bone in his throwing hand five weeks ago and won’t start a throwing program until the first week of February. Cashman refused to say how he broke his hand.
This is actually pretty good news. The injury won't cause Cox to miss too much time.
- Cashman talked in general terms about Bernie Williams. It seems like they’re waiting for Bernie to make some kind of decision. “His situation is that he’s a free agent,” Cashman said.
C'mon Bernie, just retire with grace already. Melky is a far better 4th OF at this point, and Kevin Thompson is probably a better 5th OF too. We love you but there's no room anymore on a team that wants to get younger.
- Carl Pavano is not going into spring training as a rehab case. He has been fully cleared to be on the same schedule as everybody else.
I'll believe he's pitching when I see him pitching. Until then, he's a guy coming back from an injury.

Another summary of the Yanks (and other AL easters) farm system.

The Stadium has been officially named as the host for the 2008 All-Star game.

And Robinson Cano switched from #22 to #24, so that if Roger Clemens pitches in the Bronx this year, his old Yankee number will be available. But the Yanks say he switched without any 'prompting.' It's likely that he's going with #24 because it's the reverse of his hero and namesake, Jackie Robinson, who wore #42. (Mr. Rivera is the current and last baseball player to wear #42 for any team.)

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