Mar 9, 2007

Day Game

Some early scoring in this game, then the teams decided they didn't want to hit again until the 9th inning.

- Josh Phelps is clutch. He's playing his way (notice I didn't say just hitting) onto the team. Unless Andy Philips tears it up when he returns, Phelps has to be the righty first-baseman. Perhaps the everyday guy if Minky still isn't hitting by opening day.

- Colter Bean had exquisite command of his pitches. Too bad none of them topped 85 MPH.

- Mussina also had great command, but his fastball topped out at 88 MPH, enabling a few hitters to stay on top and drive it instead of popping it up.

- Tabata had two singles. The first was a great at-bat which he worked to 2-2 before driving a Mike Gonzalez (who the Yanks almost traded Melky Cabrera for) fastball past the second-baseman. Despite hitting .400 this Spring, what's surprised me the most is his speed - he's beat out two infield singles, and goes easily from 1st to 3rd.

- There's now a dead heat to determine the 5th outfielder spot between Bronson Sardinha, Kevin Thompson and Kevin Reese. Reese is the best hitter for average, Sardinha has the most power, and Thompson has the best speed and defense. They're all playing well this Spring, and it's a good problem to have.

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