Feb 12, 2008

Some Yankee talk


- BPro was nice enough to provide their PECOTA projections for some of the Yankees for the upcoming season. The Joba projection seems a bit too good (although with a two-month bullpen stint that ERA is possible), while the Hughes projection seems too harsh.

- Speaking of Joba, he will in fact start the season in the pen. The plan is to use him as a reliever through May, send him to the minors for 3-4 weeks to build up arm strength, then return in July as a full-fledged starter. Not a terrible idea, because Joba's innings can't top 160, but I still prefer the idea that the Yanks use a 5.5-man rotation to limit innings. My biggest fears are that (A) Joba will be so good in the pen that Hank and the casual fan will resist a move to the rotation, and (B) he will have focused on just two pitches for five months (Aug., Sept., Oct., Apr., May) - a 3-4 week 'conversion' might take more like 4-6 weeks.

- Chien-Ming Wang was 'rebuffed' by the Yanks when he asked for a longterm contract extension. In the Yanks view, pitchers don't stay healthy (compared to position players)

Ok, couldn't go a whole day without a Giant link (or three). Here's a trio of Peter King stories for your reading pleasure:

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