Feb 15, 2008

Worst to first

The Giants were picked by some to be the worst team in the NFL this past year, yet finished first and are now called 'solid from top to bottom'. What a difference a year (and a good draft) can make.

- Steve Sabol calls 'The Great Escape' the greatest play in Super Bowl history!

- The Jints defensive highlights from Super Bowl Sunday.

- In related news, hundreds of 'Patriots 19-0' t-shirts were donated to underpriviliged Nicaraguan children.

- Good ST update from Pete. I especially appreciate his observations on Jesus Montero. The photo of Girardi talking with Brian Cashman really hits home that Joe Torre is not the manager anymore. I know it's been that way for months, but it didn't really set in until today. It's not #6 anymore, it's #27.

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