Feb 21, 2007

BP's Top 100 Prospects

Five Yankees made the list -
#2 Phil Hughes
#22 Jose Tabata
#56 Joba Chamberlain
#65 Humberto Sanchez
#92 Dellin Betances

Honorable Mention
Tyler Clippard

Joba is surprisingly high. He hasn't pitched a single professional inning for a Yankee affiliate. He pitched great in the Hawaiian Winter League, but it's supposedly very pitcher friendly. He should start this year in A Tampa, and if he's as good as the numbers and scouts say (and stays injury free), he'll finish the year in AA Trenton. How he's ahead of Humberto Sanchez, who succeeded at AA and AAA last year, I don't know.

This is also the highest I've seen Hughes ranked. On virtually every prospect ranking, he comes in at #3. This is the first time he's been ranked ahead of Delmon Young, the D-Rays superstar outfielder.

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