Feb 15, 2007

Top Outfield Arms

- Anyone who watched one Yankee game last year would know that Johnny Damon throws like a girl, while Melky Cabrera has a rocket arm. But now we have stats to back it up.

- One of the Yanks general partners was arrested for DUI early this morning. Eh... I don't really care, but you might. I'm actually surprised we don't hear about it more often, especially from the players.


Gabe said...

Two thoughts:

1. Drunk driving is a bad crime, it puts people's lives at risk. I don't think it gets enough press.

2. This just isn't any managing partner--this is Steinbrenner's son-in-law and heir apparent!

Travis G. said...

I totally understand what you're saying. But I did choose to write about it. It is a frequent occurence, but fortunately, it results in death or injury not too often. If Swindal had inured someone, it would be frontpage news across the country.

Perhaps it's disconcerting that he IS the heir apparent to the Yankees. But Steinbrenner is a pretty bad person himself, but he's made a pretty damn good owner. 6 titles in 35 years is quite good nowadays. No other team can claim that. I'm certainly not defending him, but DD happens a lot, and the only reason it made news this time was because of who it was.