Feb 19, 2007

News Roundup

'Heavy Legs' Pavano bounced back from his injury to pitch an afternoon bullpen session. What a gutsy player.

Bernie has not showed up in Tampa, and has not contacted Joe Torre or Cash Money to let them know his plans. Is he going to wait for an injury and a guaranteed roster spot? Or will he just retire? Please Bernie, for your sake and the Yankees, just retire and get your day at the Stadium.

Steve Swindal apologized for his DUI incident.

Ron Guidry is trying to teach minor league closer Kevin Whelan better control. He'll be AA Trenton's closer this year, and has tremendous stuff (touching 99 MPH at times!). He could be Mo's successor. He has very impressive stats in the minors: 78.1 ip, 110 k, 37 bb, 2 HR, .97 whip. Stats

Arod said his relationship with Jeter has cooled of late. No surprise there.

In non-baseball news, two companies are merging (hopefully), and that has me very excited. Howard Stern and MLB on one provider.

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