Feb 26, 2007

Good Articles

Some good articles in the local papers this weekend.

Melky is going to get a lot of PT this year. Torre plans to use him at all OF positions and as an occasional DH. Joe, I couldn't agree more.

Mike Mussina has future pitching coach written all over him.

SABR stats are slowly making their way into the 'mainstream' sports media (in the form of OPS and GPA).
Yanks 2006 GPA leaders (with .265 being average, and .360 being exceptional):
Giambi .325
Jeter .308
Arod .307
Cano .296
Posada .291
Damon .282
Melky .260
Bernie .258

That's about right to me.


Legends Field security director Randy Baker is a bit overzealous. Yesterday he ejected a vacationing couple from two seats next to the dugout. They proved to be Brian Cashman's parents. Good luck finding a new job...
I absolutely HATE Yankee security, so hopefully Baker is fired and replaced by someone slightly less fascist. The same should happen in the Bronx too, I hope.

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