Aug 3, 2007

New Yankee Stadium - construction photos

More pics of the new Stadium (which may be behind schedule).

And a few other things -

1. As you may or may not know, Michael Strahan is holding out of training camp, hoping to get a pay increase. Could his divorce be the primary reason? Assuming Tom Coughlin is as bad as he was last year, I wouldn't be too disappointed (or surprised) to finish with the worst record in football - because it means Darren McFadden (video) in 2008 (and a new head coach: Belichick and Cowher may be available). Of course, even without Strahan, Tiki and with Coughlin's ineptitude, there are still several horrible teams out there, e.g. Oakland, Detroit, Cleveland.

2. A good read on Phil Hughes, as he prepares to make his third start of the season tomorrow (after three months on the DL). He compares very favorably (in terms of minor league stats) to some of the best pitchers of this era.

3. D-Mint could return from the DL soon. If they ever put him on the active roster, I'll lose my mind. I know he plays great D, but so does Andy Phillips (who can actually hit). And then there's even Shelley Duncan, who plays a passable 1b but hits far better than DMint. And there's also Wilson Betemit, who's a solid third-baseman, and the transition from 3b to 1b is one of the easier position changes in baseball - he's just 25, his D I'm sure will be fine, and he's a better hitter than probably all of the other three options (unless Duncan continues his incredible power pace).

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