Aug 30, 2007


Since 2000, Red Sawx pitchers have hit 85 Yankees. On the other hand, Yankee pitchers have hit 54 Socks hitters.

I don't know what the average is, but that seems like a pretty wide margin. They shouldn't be complaining, but they're probably just frustrated after being swept.

PS: I commented on River Avenue Blues as 'Dude,' with a post similar to this one, and 'Mookie' responded as such:

Since 2000, Sox pitchers have hit 612 batters. With the exception of the Devil Rays, who hit 604 (but had really really really bad pitchers), no other team hit more than 525 (Rangers). After the Rangers and Jays (493), you see a cluster of 7 teams in the 430-460 range, including the Yanks (456), and then a handful of teams with lower totals (Twins at the bottom with 361). So before Youkilis, Beckett and the rest of Red Sox Nation do any pouting, they should realize that the team they play for/root for is easily the head-huntingest team in the American League in recent memory, and that the Yankees are right in the middle of the bell curve.

Wow. So the Sawx are #1 in all baseball for drilling hitters, and they can't claim poor pitching (like Tampa). They shouldn't complain one bit. This info should be passed all over the internet.


Gallegoisgod said...

Nice post. I'm trying to determine whether or not I want to start arguments about it on other blogs. I mean the verbal retorts to it seem pretty obvious to me right now. But what are pots for if not to be stirred. Even if Jaba did that intentionally (and I'm pretty torn about it right now), they're all just pist off because they got swept. I sorta like Francona, and I understand that he has to protect this players. But those comments by him after the game were stupid, and it might just lead to things really escalating.

Travis G. said...

i like your screen name.

after sleeping on it, i do NOT think it was intentional (i know, i know, i'm a Yankee fan) - Joba had his worst control since his ML debut (evidenced by his first walk since then). Joba has good control (he often throws strikes), but not always good command (basically meaning he's inconsistent). Joba's no prick (unlike Beckett, Daisuke, Youkilis) from everything i've ever seen of him (including a Trenton game I attended) he's a softspoken, friendly, goofy guy. he had a tough childhood (dad with polio), so putting everything together, i REALLY doubt he would aim for any player's head. if it's Clemens or Pedro, yeah, but not Joba.