Aug 2, 2007

Nine runs and they lose

The pitching fell apart today, but with Wang and Hughes going the next two games against Kansas City, today's loss wasn't too tough.

- Robbie Cano's error was a killer, but I won't kill him because he's played the best defense on the team this year (and the ball took a bad bounce).

- Wow, does Wilson Betemit have power. He took a nice easy swing and launched a HR to the deepest part of the park (in his first Yankee at-bat no less).

- I can't wait until Saturday for Hughes' start. Hopefully it'll be more like his second start (the Texas no-hitter) than his first (the short outing against Toronto).

- In Scranton, Edwar continues to excel: one perfect inning, two strikeouts. Are you listening, Joe?

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