Aug 7, 2007

Yanks make right moves

Giambi, Joba in, Cairo, Bruney out.

This is what most fans have been wanting: Betemit's arrival signaled the end of Cairo's reign as utility infielder. Along with Andy Phillips, they cover the entire infield and hit far better than Cairo. This also allows Shelley Duncan (and his tremendous power) to stay up. Damon now really becomes the 4th outfielder and pinch-runner.

The ideal lineup would be:
CF Melky
SS Jeter
RF Abreu
3b Arod
DH Giambi
C Posada
LF Mastui
1b Duncan
2b Cano

With Damon subbing in for Matsui and Giambi on occasion. Also, Betemit could sub in for Duncan, Jeter, Arod and Cano on occasion.

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