Jan 21, 2008

Accounting for recent events

A new poll has been added in place of an old poll.

As for who you felt was the 'most untouchable' Yankee 25 or under, Joba won by an overwhelming majority (53%). The next closest player was Robbie Cano with 28%, then Phil Hughes with 10%. Jesus Montero was next at 3%, followed by Melky, Betances, Horne, Ajax and Tabata with 1% each. The only player who didn't receive a single vote (surprisingly) was Ian Kennedy.

I voted for Cano. We all know Joba is a phenomenal talent, but he has one year of pro experience. Cano has already played three ML seasons - Joba has 24 ML innings under his belt. While Joba definitely has a good chance to be better than Cano, at this point Cano is only 25 (just two years older than Joba) and already the best AL second baseman. Also surprising that Hughes received just 10%. After all, he's younger than Joba or Kennedy, and was the consensus #1 pitching prospect in MLB heading into 2007. Anyway, thanks for voting!

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