Jan 9, 2008

More (or less) from Hank

A few interesting tidbits from Newsday:

- Hank said if the Yanks trade for Santana, they would not extend him more than five years. If that's the case, I don't see a trade happening - Santana wants at least six years. But you never know when Hank will go back on his word. I'm really hoping this shit drags out up to and past the July 31 trading deadline so that Santana reaches free agency. If he's smart, Santana knows he can make more on the open market than he can in a contract-extension window via a trade. And if he does reach free agency, I think Hank would be willing to go six years (because it's only money and no prospects).

- Hank also said they 'remain committed' to Joba the starter.

Both good news in my mind.

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