Jan 10, 2008

When Cameron was in Egypt's land...

Reportedly the Yanks are close to signing centerfielder Mike Cameron to a two-year deal. This comes on the heels of Brian Cashman saying on YES' Yankees Hot Stove program that (right now) they're going with the roster they've got (in regards to trading for Johan Santana). If that's the case, and Melky is staying with the team, why would Cameron be signed? He's a career 106 OPS+ hitter with above average defense and speed, but he just turned 35 and will miss the first 25 games of the year (serving a PED suspension). Really, what could he bring that Brett Gardner couldn't for significantly less money and considerably more flexibility?

If he is acquired, my guess is Cashman will make some kind of Melky for Damaso Marte move (which I actually would like).

Cash had a few other nuggets during the show.

- He gave the reasons for signing Hawkins: innings eater, great groundball rate with his new delivery (in Colorado no less), one year deal, and letting Viz leave guaranteed the 41st pick in the draft.

- Jason Lane has been signed as a non-roster invitee to Spring Training.

- He named Farnsworth the default 8th inning guy, but was quick to explain it's all 'fluid', and that Veras, Ohlendorf, Edwar, Britton, Albaladejo (who he called 'Jose'), Marquez, Horne and White would all be options too.

- Joba will enter ST as a starter and train that way. He knows they need to limit his innings this year, but the method has yet to be decided; he gave three options: 1) they skip him as needed throughout the year, 2) they use a modified six-man rotation (an idea I love), or 3) he begins the year in the bullpen and transitions to starter sometime during the year (an idea I dislike because it becomes too easy to fall in love with him as a reliever). Rest assured though, Cash said the team's longterm view of Joba is as a starter.

Pete Abe says Phil Hughes has already begun working out at the Yanks Tampa training facilities. Gotta love it!

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