Jan 19, 2008

Santana and Arbitration

How much is Johan Santana worth? A guy who knows a lot more about economics tackles that question and the answer is not as much as the Yanks would have to give up.

- Wilson Betemit agreed to a $1.165 million one-year deal, thus avoiding arbitration. Robbie Cano and CM Wang have their arbitration deals pending the decision of an arbitor; but hopefully the two sides come to an agreement before that.

- Just saw a show on HD Theater: 'The Altiplano region of Bolivia.' Altiplano is an 11,000 foot plateau area between a desert and a rainforest in South America. The host of the show was eating fruit and talking to a native woman who'd given him the fruit. What cap was she wearing? A New York Yankee cap. It's truly a Yankee Universe.

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