Dec 3, 2006

Giants recap - chronological thoughts, aka Oh god

Kiwanuka fumbles an interception, wtf? He made up for it (kind of) with the 3rd and 2 forced fumble/sack.

That direct snap to Tiki is the kind of stuff the offense should be doing a bit more of. Throw something out of the ordinary in there.

Giving to Jacobs on 4th and 1 was the safe play. No one could criticize you, but I was thinking maybe they should run a QB sneak.

Who in the whole stadium didn't think Dallas was running a draw on 3rd and 1 with 22 seconds left in the 1st half? Apparently Tom Coughlin, because he ran for about 25 yards and set up the go-ahead FG.

How many times can Eli miss the FB on a simple 5-yard pass? Because of it, the Giants have to punt.

That screen to Sinorice Moss is what we've been waiting for from him (and the offense) all year. Aight!

This team with the goddam penalties. re: Whitfield's personal foul.

Jim Finn's play of the year with the fumble recovery?

Who says Jacobs can't catch?

Beautiful play by Madison, holding Dallas to a FG.

2nd play of the 4th, big, big run by Tiki.

Incredible play by Jacobs, not just the catch on the rocket throw, but avoiding the slip, and going for another 40+ yards!

Another FG from inside the 10! This red zone inability is going to kill us.

re: Demps missed tackle on TO. How many big tackles has Demps missed this year? This wasn't big because TO already had the 1st down, but it reminds me of the games against Chicago and Tennessee.

The D collapsed at the worst time, 20-13.

1:42 left. All Tiki on the short pass for 28 yards.

The bane of this team: pass coverage. Long pass to Witten.

And there's the game, and probably the season. That game about sums up the season: poor pass defense, poor coaching, poor tackling (how many times did they miss Romo), and stupid, untimely penalties.

Turning points: Kiwanuka's fumble, and Jacob's non-first down.

The direct snap to Tiki worked. Moss' smoke screen worked. Jacobs' screen also worked beautifully. Yet they tried no other 'trick' plays. Honestly, let's get Brian Schottenheimer from the Jets in here (either as Head Coach or OC). He's only 33, and leads an exciting, balanced offense that (outside of 2 understandable shutouts to Chicago and Jacksonville) is averaging more points than the Giants - and doing it with less offensive weapons.

Dallas 23, Giants 20 (6-6, 2 games behind Dallas)

3*: Tiki, 28 touches, 143 yards
2: Eli, 24-36, 2 TD, 0 int, 270 yards
2: Shockey, 6 catches, 65 yards, 1 TD
1: Plax, 6 catches, 43 yards, 1 TD
1: Big J, 7 touches, 81 yards

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