Dec 30, 2006

Tiki the Hero

What an awful performance by the defense. At times, it seemed like they wanted to lose. I fully expected the Skins to score a last second TD to edge the Giants by a point. It would have been a fitting ending to the season.

But Tiki didn't let that happen. He had the best game of his career to virtually guarantee he plays at least one more time. 258 total yards and 3 TDs on 26 touches. A monster game.

Who knew Gibril Wilson would come up with a HUGE defensive play to vault the Jints into the playoffs? I remember criticizing his cover skills early in the season (not that he's now a great cover safety, but I never expected him to make the big coverage play).

The Giants were lucky that Ladell Betts fumbled when the Skins were driving early on. It was at least a 6 point swing (3 points from Washington for no FG attempt, and 3 points for the Jints for their successful FG), which happened to be the difference in the game.

What happened the on fake reverse WR pass? Santana Moss was covered by TWO guys, and neither could make a play on the 48-yard TD pass?!

The officiating call of the game goes to Tim Carter acting his way to a big pass interference call, which set up the Giants 1st and goal, where they scored a TD 2 plays later (Washington was penalized 100 yards for the night). I hate when opposing players do that, but I'll give Carter a break because of what happened way back in week 1: down by 4, the Giants were driving against Indy, and Carter was flagged for a (non-existent) offensive pass interference call, essentially ending the game.

The Gmen now have a 94.4% shot at making the playoffs. For Green Bay to take their spot, they must win and the following must occur: 'Arizona, Detroit, Miami, Minnesota and San Francisco all win and Carolina, Houston and Tampa Bay all lose.'

Giants 34, Skins 28 (8-8, almost guaranteed the last NFC playoff spot)

4*: Tiki, 26 touches, 258 yds, 3 TDs (game of the year!)
2: Short, 9 tackles, 1 forced fumble
1: Plax, 2 catches (both for first downs), 26 yds
1: O-line, 1 sack, 23 first downs, 355 total yds
1: Carter, 2 catches, 14 yds, 1 TD
1: Wilson, 7 tackles, 1 QB hit, 1 (huge) pass deflection
1: Bell, 1 tackle, 1 interception

PS: Coughlin's job is still in jeopardy right? Please? The only way I'd offer him an extension is if the Jints make the NFC championship game. In reality, this team collapsed and is lucky to be in the playoffs. But for now, Go Gmen!

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