Oct 30, 2007

More info on the Joes

Mostly linked to here because it's a free ESPN Insider article.

After that, check out how Torre used relievers during his tenure.
AL relievers with the most single season:

8 Yanks in the top 38, 3 in the top 10

Total Pitches
5 in the top 32, 2 in the top 11

9 in the top 41, 2 in the top 5

Since there are 14 teams in the AL, the Yanks should have appeared (on average) just once every 14 teams - or 7.1 %. The percentages for Torre relievers are considerably higher - 19.1 %. In the most extreme example, Torre had 30 % of the top 10 relievers (by innings in a season) during his tenure. Wow.

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