Oct 11, 2007

Nailed it

Larry Dobrow knows what's what.


Unknown said...

Quite an article. Dobrow mentioned Ron Darling as an excellent analyist. Anyone agree that Al Leiter's color commentary is great too? He knows a lot about pitching and always has important things to add.

Travis G. said...

i like Leiter - personally as well as professionally. aside: i got my first ever autograph from Al Leiter as a rookie on the Yanks in 1989. he was very nice to me, even in the midst of conversing with another fan (surprising in itself). on YES, he often seems to get annoyed with Kay (totally understandable) and i often wonder if a real argument is about to break out. my favorite part of Leiter's broadcasting is when he shows the different grips on pitches, and just talks about being a pitcher and having a pitcher's mindset.