Mar 20, 2008

Hughes roughed up

One of the few good things about DirecTV is that you can get regional sports networks. I watched the game on FSN Pittsburgh tonight. Phil Hughes wasn't as bad as his line would indicate. The broadcasters commented several times about a strong wing blowing out of the stadium that helped a few of the HRs (including Posada's).

Hughes' fastball command wasn't great, not up to his norm, and that was the biggest problem. A few FBs drifted over the heart of the plate, leading to the extra-base hits. However, his curve was the best I've seen it all spring, reminiscent of last May 1 (very sharp break and good command of it). I remember seeing one hard hit ball off his curve, but his changeup was hit and miss: occasionally excellent, occasionally hanging or way off the plate. His control and command (or lack thereof) were evident when he hit a batter, threw a wild pitch and fell behind too often; he also walked two.

As for him not pitching well in Spring Training, he didn't fare well last year either, yet had a good rookie campaign.

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