Mar 21, 2008

Yankee News - March 22 edition

- Morgan Ensberg was added to the 40-man roster, meaning he's almost a lock to make the 25-man roster (if he doesn't, he can become a free agent). The position player battles seem to be locked up - outside of the usual 10, it'll be Shelley, Betemit and Ensberg. That covers all the infield positions and corner outfield. Molina is the backup catcher and Damon is the backup centerfielder. There will be a solid hitting and fielding backup at every position. Cashman was criticized in the past for building a poor bench, but that has changed quickly since last year's acquisition of Betemit and Molina, and the promotion of Shelley Duncan.

- In case you were wondering, ticket prices in the new Stadium will be a lot. So much so that my father's company, which has good box seats behind homeplate, may have to forego buying them next year. They're talking about upwards of $500 a seat! That's a cool grand for two people to attend one game, not counting transportation/parking, food and drink, souvenirs, etc. But honestly, I don't mind all that much. I rather enjoy watching from home: you see the game better, you can fast forward and rewind with the DVR, eat whatever and whenever you want, you don't have to deal with the hassle of getting there and back, not to mention saving all the money it would cost.

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