Mar 11, 2008

Notes from a shutout

Good outings from all the pitchers tonight as the Yanks shutout the Reds, 4-0. I was able to watch the game on FSN Ohio. The strange thing is that Joba has had far better command of his curve so far than his slider; he threw some nasty curves tonight, rivaling his best sliders. When he finally does get his slider command back, holy shit! The two hits he allowed were an infield single and a line-drive single on a decent looking changeup (in other words, a weak, lucky hit and a hit on his fourth best pitch). By the way, is YES the only network that uses a radar gun? I've watched several Fox Sports Net games and none have had a gun reading so unfortunately I can't comment on his velocity.

Ian Kennedy didn't have great control at first, but settled down after a few batters. I'm pretty sure both of his Ks were on changeups.

Cincy's Edinson Volquez was etxremely impressive. Using a Pedro-esque changeup, he K'ed 8 Yankees in just 4 innings. What would it have taken to get him from Texas? Tabata or Ajax would have been worth it.

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