Feb 11, 2008

Giant list of links

- XLII preview by expert stat guys.

- and the crow-ingesting recap. :D

- a later XLII recap.

- 'The Great Escape' in detail.

- ESPN's coverage:
The recap
Simmons has a humble-pie sandwich.
Clayton 1
Clayton 2
Brady was finally pressured. But was he rattled?
Tyree's magical grab.
18... AND ONE.
2008 Preview
Most watched Super Bowl ever (and 2nd most watched program in U.S. history!)
Nevada casinos lost money on the game. Awww, I feel horrible for them...

- Steve 'The Genius' Spagnuolo will not leave the Giants. Instead he will remain as the defensive coordinator for another three years, becoming the best paid DC in the business.

- Best NYC win ever?

- Worst Boston loss ever?

- It's good to be back.

- Get your 2008 Patriots Super Bowl Championship book right here.

- But seriously, the real story is on it's way.

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