Feb 16, 2008

Lawsuit against New England

A former Rams player, along with three fans, are suing the Patriots for 'fraudulently' gaining an 'unfair advantage' before their Super Bowl matchup in January 2002. They allegedly videotaped the Rams last walk-though practice before the game. It just gets worse and worse for Belichick and Co.

- How bad is the San Francisco baseball Giants offense? Awful.

- Just a mention but NFL.com has a great section of video on the Giants, specifically NFL Films 'Game of the Week' recaps of their playoff run.

- FYI, going by the most complex (best?) projection system out there, Melky is projected to have a better 2008 than Sawx uber-prospect Jacoby Ellsbury. Don't forget, Melky is also younger, has more ML experience and plays in a tougher hitting ballpark.

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