Feb 10, 2008

Hits on return

- Talked to a Colts fan after the Super Bowl. He said he was rooting more for the Giants this year than he was for own team in last year's big game. He hated New England.

- Unfortunately I missed most of the post-game coverage, the parade, the TV and radio interviews (being out in the Caribbean). The only sports channel they had was ESPN2, which most of the day shows World's Strongest Man, Snowboarding or college basketball. However, I have the game taped on my DVR, so I'll rewatch it this week so I can actually enjoy it instead of causing a heart attack (like it nearly did the first time).

- I was dreading a trip to Boston in two weeks (to take shit from my Pats/Sawx friend there), but alas it will now be a pleasant visit.

- New York Giants: World Champions of Football! (still can't get enough of it).

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