Feb 22, 2008

Rookies looking good

Phil Hughes is looking great so far -

Having just completed receiving Phil Hughes' latest bullpen session, an impressed Molina told Posada, "You know what? Phil looks like he has more pop."

Posada concurred, and the backstops aren't the only ones who have noticed.

Said manager Joe Girardi: "You watch him and he leads the groups in running. He just looks like an athlete, a thoroughbred and a leader."

As is Joba Chamberlain -

After compiling extraordinary results last season on the strength of just two pitches, a high-octane fastball and biting slider, Chamberlain threw a new wrinkle at Yankees batters. Under steamy, artificial hitting conditions, it was Chamberlain's changeup that starred.

"The goal is to get him to be a complete pitcher," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. "We envision him as a starter and to be able to use all of those pitches. It just gives him more weapons, especially when you're going through a lineup the third and fourth times."

Hopefully this will make the Yankees think twice about putting Joba in the pen... Is it opening day yet?

- Heard on Sirius NFL Radio that the Giants are considering trading draft picks for Atltana corner Deangelo Hall. Word is it will cost at least a 1st round pick (and a 5th?). Hall is a great cover corner, and would probably fare well in Spagnuolo's aggressive man-coverage scheme. He's only 24 years old with four years of NFL experience, has 17 career interceptions, 48 pass deflections and 230 tackles. The only possible problems are: 1) Hall has had 'character issues' before - would that destroy the great chemistry?, and 2) he wants a long and well-paying extension (he's a free agent after the coming season). Is it worth it? Probably yes.

Coughlin and the G-Men are close on a four-year extension. Definitely deserved after winning the Super Bowl but... it would nice to see this team play to it's full potential the whole year rather than in spurts.

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