Sep 18, 2006

Busy Weekend

Because my birthday was Thursday, my wife planned many things for this weekend. Thursday: we went to dinner with my parents and sister at Rosie O'Grady's, a steakhouse in midtown. The steak was excellent, but the salad and soup were average at best.

Friday: we went out with friends to a Mexican restaurant in the East Village. We shared two pitchers of Margaritas - Mango and Strawberry.

Saturday: we ate at 'David Burke & Donatella,' a great American cuisine restaurant on 63rd street. It's generally extremely expensive, but there's a prix fixe lunch menu for a reasonable $24 or $29. I had a tuna dish, and it was probably the best tuna I ever had. But the real treat was the dessert: a cheesecake lollipop tree. Yes, a metal tree with 8 lollipops of differently flavored cheesecake.

Last night we went to 'Beer League,' the Artie Lange (from the Howard Stern Show) film - no, it's not a film. 'Godfather' is a film. 'Unforgiven' is a film. 'Beer League' is a movie. It was funny enough.

My cousin who lives in Orlando came into town for the weekend. He's from Massachusetts, so he's a Sox fan. His girlfriend is a childhood friend of Miguel Cairo (they went to high school in Venezuela together), so he sometimes gets tickets for them. I was hoping he'd get tickets for all of us for Saturday night's game, but Miguel didn't come through. Instead we went to 'Hairspray,' which was surprisingly good. After the show, we went down to the village, had some drinks and food, and called it a night. It turns out my cousin's girlfriend has been to 11 Sox games this year, and their record is 0-11 when she goes (she was at each of the 'Son of Massacre' games). My wife and I thanked her.

Sunday: I flipped between the Giants and Yanks, but stayed primarily with the football because of the unimportance of the baseball. We left at 5:30 for the Aerosmith concert at Jones Beach Theater. Unfortunately, Motley Crue was the opening act and played for over an hour. Aerosmith didn't start until 9:30 and finished before 11. We felt kid of gypped. Anyway, it was a great - and busy - weekend.

All the Yanks games are DVR'ed, and will be written up in the coming days. Not a good baseball weekend, but at least no one got hurt.

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