Sep 11, 2006


Thank God For Baltimore's Bullpen. Randy seemed to have no-hit stuff again tonight, but that one triple screwed him up. It was hit down the right field line, and would have been a double in any other park, but Baltimore has a huge wall out there, and it bounced about 20 feet up and stayed in play. Abreu fired to Cano, who fired high and wide to third, allowing Tatis to score. It was the O's first hit, and Randy lost his control and composure after that.

It looked like the Yanks might blow out the O's when Damon and Jeter led off the game with singles, but Abreu and Arod struck out, and Posada grounded out. It took the bottom of the lineup again to put the first runs on the board - Bernie and Guiel got on and were driven in by Melky and Damon. Ironic.

The Yanks 6-run inning was a perfect example of the enigma that is defense in baseball. Mainly that one never notices it until a mistake is made. Fernando Tatis is a natural infielder playing left field. With the bases full and 2 outs, Robbie Cano lined a shot over his head that probably should have been caught. He looked lost and dived weakly as it sailed over his glove. It was the turning point. It went from a 5-4 deficit to a 7-5 lead. It was Cano's only hit of the game, but it was a big one.

Arod looked good outside of his first at bat (where he struck out, which can be attributed to rust after missing 2 games - and a nasty back-door slurve); he didn't pull a ball: all 3 of his hits were up the middle or to right field. He even had a nice, 2-out rbi single on a grounder between first and second. He also drove an outside slider for a HR to right. That's the Arod we all know and love.

'Everyday' Scottie was used... again. I couldn't believe it when Torre brought him in. He didn't get out of the inning, allowing a HR and walk. What does Torre expect? He's thrown 90+ innings!

Hideki Matsui is expected to start tomorrow night at DH. He should get a very warm reception. The only bad news is that Giambi will be playing more first base, which presents a major defensive liability.

It's good to see this team not just treading water, but winning without Mariano. All the other relievers are moving up to higher pressure innings. Proctor's been pitching the 8th instead of the 7th. Farnsworth the 9th instead of the 8th. And Bruney's getting chances to show his value as well. It should only help in October.

9-6 Yanks

3*: Arod, 3-5, HR, 2 r, 2 rbi
2: Cano, 1-5, 2b, r, 3 rbi
1: Damon, 1-3, r, rbi, 2 bb
1: Bruney, 1 ip, 0 h, 0 bb, 2 k

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