Sep 6, 2006

Shutout by the Royals?!

Kansas City has the highest ERA in the league and a day after scoring 12 runs, the Yankee offense manages exactly 0. How does that happen? They've made Luke Hudson and Jorge De La Rosa look like Koufax and Drysdale. But it's not like they didn't have chances. They did, but they didn't come through, going 1-12 with risp.

And another subpar outing from Mussina. Apparently the 2 weeks off didn't help much, as he went winless for his 5th straight start. Why does the defense seem to sputter this year whenever Mussina takes the hill? Abreu dropped a fly ball (which was really on the transfer), Green short-hopped a throw to Posada which may have cut down a run, and Mussina misplayed a bunt into an infield single. Does anyone else wish Karstens was going instead of Mussina?

Isn't DH-ing supposed to give a player more energy? Well, it didn't work for Jeter tonight. I was actually embarrassed for him. He k'ed 3 times, leaving 5 men on base, including a bases-loaded k to end the game.

This guy, Todd Wellemeyer, throws hard, but the Yanks hit him quite well, barely missing a few key pitches, particularly Cano and Damon's well hit fly-outs. By the way, Giambi is 0 for his last 19. But he did draw a walk.

5-0 KC

2*: Cano, 1-2, 2 bb
1: Melky, 2-4, 2b
1: Bruney, 1 perfect inning, 1 k (only 1 er allowed with the Yanks)

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