Sep 25, 2006


Another poor showing. I know they've clinched, but I still want homefield. The Yanks made another error behind Mussina. He actually pitched well, but that one error extended the inning and Mussina. Of the 6 runs he allowed, only 2 were earned.

One thing is apparent: Kevin Thompson is a major-league player. Assuming Melky will be the 4th OF next year, Thompson should take over the Bubba/Bernie role: pinch-hitter/runner/OF. He's faster and better in the field than Bernie. And he's a better hitter than Bubba. Unfortunately, he won't get much playing time in that role, so should he stay in AAA to play every day, or play every 3-4 days in the show? If Brett Gardner takes over CF for AAA, it would be natural for Thompson to be with the Yanks all year. Is it better for him to play every-so-often in New York, or every day in the minors? Probably in the minors, but he's too valuable to the Yanks to keep him there.

It would be nice to see the team play good, clean baseball heading into the playoffs.

11-4 Rays

2*: Matsui, 2-2, 2 r, rbi, bb, sb
2: Cano, 2-4, HR
1: Thompson, 1-1, 2b, rbi
1: Beam, 1.1 perfect innings

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