Jun 29, 2007

More Arod thoughts

Would you rather have half a season of Arod, or years of top prospects? There's NO guarantee the Yanks resign Arod if/when he opts out. And face it, he's having a great year, but is unlikely to repeat it, especially since (historically speaking) he's past his prime. Plus, it's not like the Yanks are 10 games over .500, and assured of a playoff spot. The playoffs look like a longshot at this point. If the Yanks are still just .500 in late July, why not trade Arod for (hopefully) Broxton and Kershaw from L.A.? A flamethrowing 23-year-old, and a 19-year-old lefty strikeout machine. And guess what? When Arod opts out at year's end, the Yanks can sign him just like every other team. So they'd get prospects and keep Arod!

I know about the no-trade clause, but if Arod wants to be on a contender, and in SoCal (who doesn't?), I think he'd approve a trade. These no-trade-clause situations always seem to work out somehow. Remember Randy Johnson?

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