Jun 8, 2007

Pen does their best to blow it

(Remember, this is after Wang gave the entire pen a day off.) From Mike Myers allowing the tying single to a lefty, to Scott Proctor nearly giving up a three-run homer (forcing Melky to make another spectacular catch), to Kyle Farnsworth failing to get just two outs in the 8th, the bullpen tried their damndest to lose the game. Mo and the Yankee offense came to the rescue - Rivera got the last five outs, and the bats exploded for six runs (all with two outs) in the top of the 9th to seal the win. The big blow came from Arod, who muscled an inside fastball over the left field wall for a grand slam. (Ironically, that same fly ball would be an easy out in the vast expanses of Death Valley.)

Mike Mussina pitched his best game of the year, but the offense couldn't do much against Jose Contreras. Speaking of the offense, I have never seen a player line out more often than Josh Phelps. At least once a game he rockets a ball right at the third-baseman or shortstop.

Getting back to the pen, let's look at some scary season stats.
Mike Myers vs. LHB (63 pa) - .350/.413/.475, that's atrocious for a lefty specialist. And for some reason, he has a .60 home era but a 6.10 road era. Why is he still on the team?
Kyle Farnsworth vs. LHB (55 pa) - .283/.400/.500, also terrible, especially for the supposed '8th inning guy.' The only reason he should remain with the team is to face David Ortiz (who has a career .000/.333/.000 line against Farns in nine pa).

I'm afraid to look at Luis Vizcaino's stats. That's sure to be a horror show.

Not to get too down, we have won three straight, six of eight, and our best pitcher goes tonight against a weak hitting team... Things are starting to look up (knock on wood). By the way, Pittsburgh's Tom Gorzelanny is a tough lefty (2.53 era), not a good matchup for the Yanks.

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Unknown said...

You didn't list the numbers which tell the story. The complete and total overuse of the bullpen by TORRE.

And why didn't anyone, ANYONE, stop him from using Mo in the ninth last night???