Jun 4, 2007

The Yankee offense ceased to exist

For exactly 7.2 innings - from one out in the first to one out in the ninth, the bats were dead. They made Jon Garland look like Christy Mathewson.

Matt DeSalvo's poor start didn't help much either, as he lasted just 1.1 innings (two earned runs). He was sent down to Triple-A Scranton after the game.

The only good news is that Chris Britton pitched well (one hit in three innings), and Cano and Abreu are finally starting to hit again. Cano had three hits but two were for naught as Josh Phelps grounded into double-plays after each of his first two (with two runners on mind you).

They just can't get a winning streak going. Having Clemens start this game would have helped immensely. Ty Clippard, another rookie, goes tomorrow night.

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