Jun 7, 2007

You win two in a row, that's called a winning streak

It was a combination of great pitching and a team wide (Chicago) slump that helped the Yanks win tonight. Does it not seem like every White Sox player is hitting .220? Throw in a good effort by Wang, some timely hitting and defense, and you have the Yanks first complete game of the year.

Two things that stood out: 1. Wang's slider is improving with every start. He's got the fastball that moves in to righties and now a great slider that moves away from righties - that's a devastating combo; 2. Wang has begun to throw a four-seam fastball at times - tonight it was on a 1-2 pitch to Juan Uribe which he took high (94 mph), but it set up the next pitch, a low 80s slider that Uribe swung over for strike three.

Melky and Cano might just be the stalwarts of this defense for years. They each made potential game-turning plays tonight: Melky's rocket that nailed Jerry Owens at home (that would've brought Chicago within two), and Cano turning a rocket grounder into a 4-6-3 double play. And the fact that they're good friends makes it all the more fun to watch. After every win, they do a leaping high-five during the post-game on-field 'celebration.' And they smile more than any other players (save for the possible exceptions of Jeter and Damon).

Three wins in their last four games, and four of their last six. Mussina goes tomorrow and a solid start from him would go a long way, especially since he's been the Yanks most disappointing starter (relative to expectations coming into the year).

- Elsewhere, Roger Clemens threw 54 pitches in preparation for Saturday's debut against Pittsburgh - which I won't be able to fucking see because MLB granted FOX exclusive rights to Saturday afternoon games (of their choice - this week it's Mets and Tigers), so no dice for any other games.

- A good little read on how every current Yankee entered professional baseball: either draft (round, team) or amateur free agent. The amateur draft is tomorrow (Thursday) at 2 p.m. on ESPN2. Did you know Ron Villone was a first round pick and Kyle Farnsworth was taken in round 47?

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